Florida Surgeon General warns against new COVID vaccine booster

The same end game its always been: owning the libs. Never mind that said goal has no discernable or tangible benefits. Ends, means, something something, I forget…


If Trump dies or is imprisoned, Desantis may become competitive for the Whitehouse. That’s all he cares about. Until that happens, he will continually attempt to outTrump Trump by being the loudest antil-liberal asshole. If Trump falls, he hopes to get into power. Clearly lives lost of followers (or non-followers) are inconsequential to that goal. The “principle” of never backing down from any stance or ideology, no matter how stupid or murderous, is part of Trump’s secret sauce, and he’s trying to emulate it.


I’m sure he can back up his claims with citations from reputable medical sources such as the Andrew Wakefield Center and the MyPillow Journal of Medicine.


Graduated Harvard med, and still a quack.

He might as well come out and admit to being anti-vaxx.


Wait. You’ve put the positive and negative cables right next to each other. That doesn’t do anything to the rest of the cage. (Checks source of image.) Oh. The Onion. Sorry for wasting your time.


DeSantis wants to appoint this guy to head the CDC

time for harvard to revoke his degree maybe

i honestly think it’s about power. in a cult, the “job” of the leader is to push people into a subjective reality further and further from the truth over time.

people become unwilling to refute the obvious lies because that would mean having to reassess all the earlier things that they believed true. it would undermine their identity, their community, everything

the leaders then can assert any truth, and that makes the leaders feel powerful. it brings them money, it gets them elected, whatever

they will do this as long as they can because they find that power ( and those rewards ) enjoyable. i think it’s as simple as that


while i wholeheartedly agree with your post, to say this is simply driven by a desire to insert any made-up “truth” into their narrative discounts the intentional cruelty and desire to hurt marginalized persons.
desantis’ methodical disenfranchisement of the Black voters’ rights, his abject terrorism of migrant workers, immigrants and LGBTQ persons is also a very large part of the power he lusts after.


definitely 100% agree. it’s rarely arbitrary lies they’re pushing. the lies always push the frames of racism, homophobia, sexism whenever possible. and that bigotry is hurting and killing people

( eta: thanks for calling me out on that. no consideration, however armchair, should ever leave their explicit bigotry out )


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