Floridians hunt invasive lionfish


If you happen to be on Grand Cayman you absolutely must try a place called VIVO Cafe Restaurant. I have no affiliation with it and stumbled across while digging through Google Maps for healthy food and diving locations. They are vegetarian and gluten free except for their amazing lionfish sandwich. If I had to compare I would say its somewhere between cod and tilapia; certainly flaky but not quite as firm as cod. Hard to say with only one sample though… Give it a whirl if you are interested in lionfish, tasty healthy food, or an awesome view.


Spread lionfish pheromones to lure them out of hiding - catfishing, if you will.


The one thing I worry about with people eating them is the possibility that demand could spawn fisheries where they are bred for meat, and if I recall, fisheries are often adjacent to natural sources of water (I suppose salt water, such as the ocean, would be require) and there could be escapees. However I’m not too keen on saltwater fisheries, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually heard of them being a thing. It’s possible that my fears are completely unfounded as the concept is impossible, please, someone tell me its not possible.


It sounds like an awesome Venn Diagram.
Watershed and estuary managers who:

  • Wear heels or soles over 7"
  • Favor one eye
  • Wear pleather
  • Wear thick gloves
  • Dive whenever possible
  • Feel safer surrounded by uniformed, armed agents

That’s pretty much any operations person at Sandals, right?


This is exactly what I had in mind. Like the pheromone traps they used to catch Japanese Beetles and Gypsy Moths.



Am I the only one who heard lionfish and thought, “bouillabaisse?”

Rascasse is a relative of lionfish used in authentic bouillabaisse.


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