Flu vaccination

Article from CBC suggests getting the flu vaccination early this year in case the effect of a no flu year is increased susceptibility. If they are right it is a bit late by the time it is confirmed. If they are wrong we can just deal with another immunization.


I got a cold this summer that knocked me down for a week. I’ll be first in line for a flu vaccine


Oh boy, here I go getting stabbed again!


Our pediatrician sent out an email blast last week as soon as the practice received their first delivery of flu vaccine, and Kiddo and I got jabbed the day after. (Yes, I get mine at there because I am a wimp about needles, and their nurse is very gentle.) The doc said they’re expecting a rough and possibly early flu season in addition to Covid and RSV here in Upper Stupid (North Alabama).


I had surgery a little over two weeks ago, so my doctor told me to hold off a bit as part of my other restrictions (nothing over 10 pounds, etc.), but I will be getting one the week those are lifted.


I wonder if there’s a drive-through clinic to get one. I don’t want to get infected with anything while getting jabbed.

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I am fortunate and use a small pharmacy for mine. The drive through probably makes sense for certain jurisdictions but they would have to think of it in advance. Unfortunately the areas that it could be really important are not the ones showing forethought.

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