View hosts pulled from set after receiving positive Covid tests

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I wonder if moments like this contribute to vaccine hesitancy? VP Harris did her best to spin it into “please get vaccinated”, but I think ignorant people might see that and think “well they got the shot and got sick anyway, so why bother?”

Because we’re dealing with people who don’t think COVID is serious enough to run out and get the shot already, this would seem to reinforce that position. If you can have a sniffles vaccine and still catch the sniffles, why bother getting the shot?

I hope The View does a followup where they show footage of the unvaccinated in the COVID wards, with people being kept alive by five different machines, dying slow, miserable, preventable deaths.


I always found producing live television to be exciting and unpredictable, but doing it in the midst of a pandemic takes it to a whole other level.

I’m sure that it does. People who aren’t trained to think critically or aren’t incentivised to do so can easily fall victim to the Nirvana Fallacy and thus not grasp the concept of breakthrough infections or the idea that vaccines can still mitigate the worst effects in such cases.


Oh, no doubt they do. For some it just adds to a list of reasons, many BS, to avoid the jab. For others, if it’s not 100%, they just don’t see the point and see all of it as “theater.” It’s frustrating.


I’ve had family members in another state have delta breakthrough cases so even though I reside in an area with a decent vaccination rate and requires vaccination for indoor dining, I will still mask up between sips of wine and a pause in eating. It’s like climate change, even if we do something miraculous right now, you better be ready for the long haul because we’ve already screwed things up so bad.


I think it’s being used as ammo for sure… But as others said, they’d just find a new excuse.



So were they vaccinated and just tested positive? Or didn’t get vaccinated?

If they were vaccinated, it just goes to show that even if you are protected from getting sick, you could pass it on to others and should wear a mask.


My understanding is that they were vaccinated and tested positive. Hence my post above, worrying what message people will take from it. It would be nice if they interpreted this as “wear a mask”, but we all know it’ll be “why bother with the shot” instead.


Maybe with a counter beside each bed showing the cost of the medical treatment that isn’t covered by the patient’s network. :syringe::heavy_dollar_sign:


Hm. I’m not sure what that aspect would accomplish, but maybe?


Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 5.15.10 PM

No word on Ms. Hostin, though.


So False positive it sounds like….?

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You’re right. I still see “Why are you worried about me wearing a mask if yours works.” comments. These dummies are so ignorant after over a year.


Yes, for both, as of today.

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