Fly freely around the 3D worlds of your favorite (mostly Nintendo) games

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If safari and IOS are not supported, then it does not exist.

It uses some degree of 3D rendering support, so I suspect it wouldn’t work well on mobile either way. It’s great on desktop though.

what the fuck does this work on? I’ve tried Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, all latest. Nothin.

Not sure why Safari isn’t supported, but it works fine on Chrome/MacOS (hey, finally a legitimate use for Chrome!)

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Works fine on firefox for me.

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I believe that last one is the collision map of a Dark Souls II region; specifically Majula. The building on the right is Blacksmith Lenigrast’s workshop, etc.

For some reason webgl was turned off for me in firefox, i had to go into about:config and toggle webgl.disabled.

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