Fold-flat furniture looks like isomorphic illustrations when it's collapsed


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Did you mean “isometric” drawing? “Perspective” is not really what you mean.


Sure, but can I still bark my shins on them?


Is it just me orders it seem like if you applied pressure in a certain direction (the fold-up direction) with your butt, that would collapse the thing in very short order. Like you would fall on your butt if you shift your weight in the wrong direction. Maybe a pin that keeps it locked rather than those easily ignored ball bearing bump thingees. Looks great on the wall tho. Space saving aspect also very cool.


Those are locking pins. They’re very sturdy, in my experience.


I would like one of these pieces of furniture, to beat my Industrial Design professors with :slight_smile:


These guys could use some


Beautiful illusion, solid engineering.


You AND the 2-D horse you rode in on.


Really great design, and remarkable restraint not adding an awful soundtrack to the video. Love this work!


You need to get this fixed. Your ads block half the video.


yes, I had to delete the parent div in F11 to make it full screen!


I was able to see the last “o” of Vimeo which let me watch it over there.


I’d hang them on a floor-to-ceiling mirror, so I can pretend I’m borrowing them from a parallel dimension.


Clever. But now I kind of want to see this done with a perspective drawing rather than an isometric one, even if the resulting bench is uneven and impractical.


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