Slumps: adorable art of your favorite characters all slumped over

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Two or three would be clever, but this smacks of OCD.

Yeah, my first reaction to this was… “Why?”

I understand the whole cutely-stylized character trend (I own enough Pop Vinyls). But I feel like there’s some reference I’m not getting here that explains the defeated posture.

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This is soooooooooo stupid. So stupid.

They look how I feel. I like them.


I hate bad posture, those wouldn’t work for me.

I can think of a few more -

Pumps - fist in the air
Bumps - fist bump pose
Drumpfs - orange comb-over and looking crazy
Dumps - squatting with butt hanging out - of course this leads me to the thought that, hey, wait a minute, does a Wookiee wear pants?


I dont get it. Its derivative, repetitive, gimmicky. Is this carefully calculated hipster or some such nonsense?

You said slump, and for some reason I immediately thought this:

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Why ask why?


You call that hunching!?

[said by a man-boy-thing who has been told by the GP that they haven’t ever seen that level of “rolled shoulders” in a person who doesn’t have kyphosis]

Dumps are an integral part of Spanish nativity scenes.

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Even that is not correct IMO. For one thing, distance to screen and therefore FOV depends on whether you’re typing or watching a movie or playing an FPS. For another, looking slightly upwards – preferably at multiple monitors – makes you feel more like you’re in some space command Cheyenne Mountain deal. Hunching over and looking down was fine for medieval monks but it’s no way for modern skeletons to work unless they’re physically working on a physical object on their physical workbenches. There’s no reason to replicate that with displays.

An aside: I got to play with a devkit HoloLens at work today and it is the fucking business! I don’t know what changed at Microsoft lately but that division at least is not trifling. Thing can do a 3D IR scan of what’s in front of it and construct a rough model in almost real time. It’s pretty rough, even a flat wall model is made of a bunch of crazy triangles but still. We are living in the fucking future. There are cannabis ads on the sides of city buses.

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I suppose the ARE poignant in this current election season… :frowning:

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