Footage of suspect emerges after Bangkok blast


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I wish the Thai authorities the best of luck identifying the suspect based on the blobs in the video. Srsly, my $35 dash cam faithfully produces 1080p video. Why doesn’t the average security camera?


Believe me, it’s not as easy as it seems. I bought several megapixel grade security cameras and the problem is the large areas covered. You would need dozens of cameras to cover a fairly small area at good quality. Once someone is 30 feet away from the camera they’re blurry blobs again.

On the bombing, that’s terrible and I hope the death toll doesn’t climb.


Looks like this suspect is the typical age group for this kind of behavior.


and typical gender, while we’re at it.


Even at 24 frames per second, uncompressed 1080p video requires a data rate of 1.2Gbps.

At that rate, you could fill a 1TB drive in less than 2 hours. Not very practical when you’re recording 24/7 with several cameras at once.


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