Footage of the recent Sakurajima eruption

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Lucky devil.

Though Strombolian eruptions like that on Sakurajima aren’t uncommon with three or four explosions every day. Amazingly, people live on the peninsula and go about their everyday lives with this mountain spitting and rumbling in the background.

Sakurajima does go through more violent Plinian eruptions (where a supersonic plume reaches into the stratosphere), the last big one was in 1914 which ended in a massive lava flow that turned the former island into a peninsula.

And Sakurajima is just the most active volcano within the enormous Aira caldera which formed about 22ka, after the eruption of several hundred cubic kilometres of ash and lava. We’ve seen nothing of that size since the dawn of civilisation. Sakurajima itself is less than 13ky old - a mere stripling.


Woop-de-doo, image stabilization. Let’s talk about that low brass!

Have you sent a link to the ‘Birds = Heavy Metal Singers’ guys?

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