Kilauae just exploded

The good news is, that so far no deaths reported:


Plus Hawaii is a little bigger now, so that’s kind of cool (albeit not for the current residents).


I think they are still expecting more activity. Hopefully, everyone will stay safe!


As I understand it, these explosions (so far) are phreatic eruptions at the summit caldera, as opposed to phreatomagmatic or effusive eruptions.

There are lots of dangers. What is esp unsettling is the possibility that the magma chamber drains to around 50%, material falls into the chute from earthquakes, pressurizing an empty space, and then the entire caldera collapses, thus exposing the magma chamber and resulting in a huge huger than huge effusive eruption that would cause untold damage.

So far, though, things are wild but not too dangerous.


Somewhat unsettlingly, I was just discussing Krakatoa with a friend yesterday.

I am more worried about Yellowstone. Steamboat geyser has erupted 4 or 5 times this year, and hadn’t erupted since something like 2014, I think. So, something is going on inside the earth… magma’s movin’ and I hope it all stays down there. If Yellowstone erupted, that would take out like 1/10th of the USA and blanket half of the country in a thick coat of carcinogenic ash. Anyways, on a brighter note, puppies!


Visualization of sulfur dioxide venting from Kilauae via EarthWindMap:


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