Footage reportedly shows more Baltimore cops planting evidence

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Since the cops were clearly in possession of illegal drugs, could the cops use forfeiture laws to seize their own assets?


The City Attorney and the District Attorney are going to be very busy with some retrials.


I forget the exact number, but the number of potential affected cases is something like 400 cases. That’s a big fuck up.


They’ll be quite a few civil suits coming out of this too.


sometimes there’s a gap between the time someone says hey go buy some drugs and when you actually come back with the drugs.

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Baltimore’s public defenders say they’ve got more video of local cops planting evidence, and it’s already led to more criminal charges being dropped.

Why isn’t it leading to more criminal charges being brought, against the officers?


That would require a lot of solid evidence showing that this was planned, which might exist but until then i imagine they will get slapped for misconduct. However i would like to see the police department there hold them accountable for their actions

Are you aware Baltimore-based @Netflix documentary #TheKeepers? It’s about a murder of a young nun who was a teacher at Baltimore Catholic High School in the 1969. Anyone with ANY interest in subject of public corruption in Baltimore MUST go watch #TheKeepers on Netflix right away.

I was raised Catholic in the same region & was there from 60-90s.Watching #TheKeepers was like watching all my worst nightmares from growing up Catholic in the Beltway coming true before eyes,

Link to #TheKeepers thru Netflix

So, promotions all around?

Police departments and related agencies have been around for… how long? Compare that to historically recent laws protecting the public, changing societal norms, the institutionalization of policing ethics and regulations, and the ‘fresher’ existence of building/area security cameras, cell phone cameras, and body cams; I’d say that more than one or two innocent people have landed in jail… or been executed… over the years. One city – one – with possibly (so far) 400 affected cases. Too many variables and unknowns and many iterations to go through to even come close to providing any sort of ‘best effort’ estimate as to how many innocent people in the US may have been screwed over by the cops. And Trump wants cops to bash heads. It’s all so sickening.

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Seems likely

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The Keepers is based mainly on “repressed memories”, the idea that led to the McMartin preschool bullshit.

They may be dumb, but they ain’t that dumb.

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I came here to say the same thing. It’s disgusting that these people are placed on paid leave for committing several severe criminal acts.

I think a video of a cop with drugs in hand, planting them, and then pretending to find them is plenty of evidence to show possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence. Also, I get that we have been trained to expect just a slap on the wrist for criminal cops but instead of resigning ourselves, perhaps we should be pushing back.

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I’m not resigned to cops getting off with no punishment, i was trying to put myself in the position of what it would take to make a successful case and what the strongest argument is or would be. Granted i am not a lawyer, but i would presume that the video alone is not a slam dunk, you need more evidence to show that the issue goes beyond this one instance. That investigation is actually underway, and i will be interested to see how that turns out in the long run.

I’m fine with prosecuting just this one instance.

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“more study” is not required. We can make this call now.

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Just as incarcerating “citizen criminals” deters them from doing their jobs as criminals, prosecution of “police criminals” would deter them from doing their jobs protecting us.

I’m being sarcastic, but that is what some of the arguments I’ve heard from my conservative family can be reduced to.