For $100, JetBlue will swap your 5-year-old


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Gad. My mind rings with alternate endings, all of them bad.


It used to just be your bags that went somewhere else. Truly we live in a wondrous age.


For $100, JetBlue will swap your 5-year-old

I’m getting sick of airlines monetizing every little thing. They used to do this for free!


I am particularly disappointed in JetBlue. They used to be a true economy carrier. No more!

EDIT: Aha! I suspected a management change was behind JetBlue’s recent evolution into a regular old airline:

On September 18, 2014, Dave Barger announced his resignation from the company effective February 16, 2015, following several reports that investors and the board were unhappy with his performance.[56][57] He was replaced on the board and as CEO by Robin Hayes.[58]

During the last few days of June and the first few days of July 2015, JetBlue began charging for bags in certain booking classes, leaving Southwest Airlines the only major U.S. carrier to not charge for bags. For the classes in which bag check fees are charged (generally the lowest class of fares offered; JetBlue offers 3 classes of fares), the cost is $20 for the first bag and $35 for the second, which is the lowest in the United States besides Frontier Airlines with similar prices.[59]


Hayley Mills?


This is sad. I remember traveling with my brother on Braniff back in '72 or so (being 5) and receiving awesome treatment from the staff.

Perhaps increased air travel and monetization have made things worse? Granted, this is likely an unusual occurence.

Edit: Although I would have been perfectly fine with it had they lost my brother altogether.


And it appears actually handled well by the airline which is also unusual.


Yikes; those poor kids and parents.



Weren’t they switched in Santiago, though?


Man, if you’ve got money you can upgrade everything these days…


In the international language of “JetBlue”, “care and supervision” is known as a "false friend’.


Seems like the biometric ID features of passports need some improvement.


Exhausted parent: “Eh, close enough.”


That’s nothing. I see signs all over for places where you can swap out your baby for another one. They’re everywhere…


Aww man I could really have used this service 13 years ago.


Nooo! That’s where they keep the baby-smashers!


This is why hospitals put wrist bands on babies the minute they are born.

My son flew with Virgin Blue in Australia twice as an unaccompanied minor. We are very happy with the service but both were domestic flights and he was the only such child on each flight.

The airline seriously needs to put some effort into tracking and identification. Like RFID and barcodes.


They didn’t check the feet.