For Christians, a new demon




She's just a shill for Big Pilates.


Unfortunately, not new at all. I heard this line at Christian retreats as a kid in the late 80s and even then I don't think it was a fresh take on yoga.


An activity dominated by women in tight clothing stretching and holding poses? I'm surprised churches don't object to yoga based on that alone.


Eh - sure it's a pain in the ass finding infants to sacrifice, and learning to speak demon tongue is challenging, but I can almost touch my toes now!


Came here to say just that - used to be quite a few people who would show up at yoga classes in Wilmington, NC half afraid for their souls, half wanting to just get more limber.

Here's a link sent me to a couple of days ago by a friend raised in more religiously Jewish environment in another country - not sure if she understood what this was or not as it's relatively subtle. But, yoga - sex, drugs, and rock n' roll according to this lady with some stiff hair.


So, yoga demonized by (way) less than 20% of US Christians ="a demon
for Christians". So, BB demonizing, or at least Othering, Christians.


So rigidity isn't just a mind set for Christian zealots, it's a way of life?


I wouldn't blame them for stating the truth. After all, Yoga is meant to heighten the spirit and even cause eudaimonia.


Isn't that kind of the definition of a religious zealot? It's hard to be extreme when you're willing to compromise or consider other viewpoints.


"For some Christians, a new demon." <-- fixed it for you.

My aunt is a Unitarian Minister and she practices yoga regularly.


So do they think Callanetics is satanic?


We used to have yoga at work. One of my co-workers would not participate for this very reason. It's not new.


I'm a Unitarian, too. We're not necessarily Christian.


Your target article does not associate yoga with demons; in fact
it criticizes the disparagement of Eastern religions by some Protestants, and says that association of yoga postures with evil is superstitious.
Was that your point, in posting this link?

Otherwise, it makes the rather rational point that Christianity and Hinduism are not the same religion.


Hmph. I always knew "downward facing dog" was dodgy.


As someone who grew up Pentecostal, this is an old gripe.


Oops, wrong link.


I used to have an acquaintance that went fro fairly generalized Christian to super megachurch evangelical. Before her new religion got in the way of our friendship, she had talked about switching from normal yoga, to Christian yoga. She was adamant normal yoga was dangerous.


Is this a followup to yesterday's post on the Child’s illustrated garden of Satanic ritual abuse? Because that Christian Nightmares site seems to be brimming with stuff like this.

The karate is also cursed.