For sale: a sterling silver Tiffany "tin can," $1000


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Ugh - sorry - I am throwing that curve off…

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Would it be gauche, or is it Tiffany’s intention, for it to be filled with No. 2 pencils?

Oh, I’m sorry. First World problems.

That’s the rub. Tiffany actually has lots of very reasonably priced jewelry but that’s just to reel you in so you feel like you totally need that $30,000 engagement ring.

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I wasn’t sold until I saw that I can get it engraved. Now you’re talking!

because… Satan?

May I suggest:

Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 247.0g
Servings per Container: varies
Amount Per Serving
Total Fat:
Saturated Fat:
Total Carbs:
Ingredients: Water, Beef and Pork, Beans, Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes, Contains 2% or less of Corn Flour, Textured Soy Flour, Salt, Chili Powder (Chili Peppers, Flavoring), Flavoring, Sugar, Cornstarch, Spices, Green Chiles (Contains Citric Acid), Onions, Jalapeño Peppers (Contains Vinegar, Salt).
Soy ingredients present

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ah, the “all art is derivative” stance…

But maybe I can inject a new conversation in this discussion by sneaking over to Tiffany’s and switching out all of their cans with regular tin cans with a stripe of Tiffany blue nail polish down the side. Then I can melt the cans into ingots, which I will then cast into little sterling logs of dog shit with a Tiffany blue stripe down the side, and then sneak back in and put one in each can…

Oh sludge, how pedestrian of you! Of course you’d have it filled with professionally sharpened Blackwing pencils (see previous BB posts…)


Yeah, I quite like the idea that a cleaning person (because you know that any potential owners of these objects have cleaning staff) end up tossing them as trash.

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The “Everyday Objects Collection” aka “the More Money than Brains Collection.”

Do they come in a “distressed”?

No, but it helps.

“Ist das Kunst, oder kann das weg?”

BTW, this was occasionally a bit of a problem with some works by Beuys and the odd cleaning lady in a museum.

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And here I am, with no ring after 25 years of living together and 15 years of marriage.

I was making a crack at the predilection to posts about very nice (and pricey) pencils here on bb.
(but, pot calling the kettle black and all, I do love me my fountain pens)


The untapped market for distressed pencils may finally get me going on an Etsy shop.

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Dude… taking common, everyday objects and intentionally making them impractical, then selling them for a ridiculously exorbitant price isn’t ‘art…’ It’s a con.


It’s been an issue with a number of artists, and they had the benefit of the work being in an art gallery, where the art distinguished itself from the environment a bit better…

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