For sale: massive ranch larger than NYC and Los Angeles combined

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Perfect. Filming in New York and Los Angeles is really expensive, so I’ve been looking for a place to build life-size replicas of both cities to use as film sets. So in the future if you see a movie set in either city it just might have been filmed in Texas.


I was all in, then I realized that was a typo. For $725 MM someone else can have it.


Maybe the right wing libertarians can buy it and set up their own Galt’s Gulch!. Then they’ll be in one place away from the rest of us!


some billionaire might want it because it’s big but my guess is that its economic viability in the future is questionable and the owner is trying to get out while he can. if it does sell i bet it’s for a lot less than the asking price. after all it is in texas.

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Is there a significant elevation change? No? Oh, bummer. I’d been looking for a split level ranch.


$175 million is the price cited in the article for the highest sum fetched by a single ranch in the US before this.

I love this.
Bigger than LA and NYC combined, and it’s a “fixer-upper!”

“Oh, and those rumors about the place bein’ haunted? That’s a bunch o’ hogwash.”


A) [cautiously] He’s got a ranch.

B) [chuckles] That’s not a ranch.

[B pulls out a large cattle station]

B) THAT’s a ranch.


Ah, big Texas ranches just ain’t what they used to be. The Waggoner is but a pale shadow of the glory that was the XIT.

That may be part of the story, but it’s owned and run by a family that doesn’t get along too well and couldn’t figure out what to do with it and has been litigating for 20 yrs. Article says a judge ordered liquidation in 2004 and the family was still ignoring offers to buy it (including one for $550 million).

Nah, I think the tumbleweeds will give it away. For that kind a of change you could buy a block or 2 in Brooklyn. If you move fast.

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Gang: Old man Doctorow!?

Doctorow: Woulda got away wit it, too, if it weren’t for you mangy kids!


Musta been a techie in the bunch. Why else would they hang a bunch of OR gates on the entrance?

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