Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch for sale

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I wonder if it has like secret passages and rooms.

I take my Jesus Juice on the rocks!

It’d be easier to sell explosive diarrhea…

“Storied.” Now there’s a loaded word.


I am probably out of touch with the market for celebrity lairs, but wouldn’t they be better off bulldozing the whole thing?


It might be usable as a conference center and/or retreat. Plenty of acreage to put in a couple of dorm buildings, meeting hall, and the like.

Several of the old estates on Long Island’s “gold coast” were thus converted.

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Given California’s apparent trajectory on climate, the tears of terrified, phantasmal children are expected to go from being a drag on the property’s value to being marketed as a premium private water supply by 2025.


Maybe the Pope could buy it as a summer retreat…

Remember a couple of years ago when there was so much hype over auctioning off all his stuff? You’d think they’d be inclined to give that another whirl. For some reason what sticks in my mind is all the bulky vintage arcade hardware.

I wonder if the place is worth it just for the acreage; even with the drought, I doubt that there are that many residential real estate parcels that big and undivided near Santa Barbara.

True that, very few 1000+ acre lots in SB county. Here’s 1288ac for $42m without all the “history”

Who’s gonna clean all the sticky off?

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Clearly, this is too pricey for the secret headquarters of our particular league of social justice.

It’s ok. I know we couldn’t afford the Baxter Building, let alone Wayne Manor.

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I can’t help reading that as “squicky.” Both readings work.

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