For sale, one of the CIA's extraordinary rendition torture-jets


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Mental note: do not count cards at the Mirage.


I wonder how they are going to get the small of blood, feces, and human anguish out of it?


Bennie and the Extraordinary Rendition Torture Jets just doesn’t have the same ring to it.



Now boarding Mr. Waters.


Is there even the remotest chance this plane isn’t infested with angry ghosts?


“doesn’t have a heart and soul”?

What an odd thing to say. Maybe shouldn’t have even mentioned it? Or just deny the whole thing, seems like a viable defense these days.

And then the ad is addressing the only group of people in the world that can understand the “soul” of a plane, and they are being told it doesn’t exist?



It’s yours for a mere $27.5M.

A mere pittance.


Let’s see: One owner tortured to gain something for his country, and the other owner wanted to take you for every cent you had under the pretext of ‘entertainment’.

Angry ghosts? Nope. No chance.


Why are they selling it? Not big enough?


At that price, you can’t afford not to buy it!


…and whatever’s left over from before it was owned by a casino.


It doesn’t help that the picture screams “Friday the 13th, Part XVIII: Jason on a Plane.”


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