For sale: Single home spanning two countries with doorways to both

“Now you kids get to bed. We have a big day tomorrow. And don’t forget your passports”.


In Derby Line, $600k could buy you 4-5 houses. It’s a depressed area with few businesses.

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The CBP agents who swarm the town and monitor the cameras might have something to say about that.

Plus, there’s much better places around here to subtly cross the border…

Hey, I’m just trying to pay off a mortgage, pal.

There’s houses straddling the Eire/Northern Ireland border, which currently isn’t much of a problem, but depending on how badly brexit goes (NI is part of the UK, but Eire is part of Europe), some people might need their passports just to get a beer out of their fridge.


The drinking age in the kitchen is 21, but it’s 18 in the living room.


Although the article said the building needs like half a million in work. So, there’s that.

I remember when $100,000 seemed like a lot for a house. Now that’s cheap in many places.

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