My neighborhood realtor is determined to turn a buck on electoral eschatology


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That’s not too much of a scumbag move? Or is it…


Apparently this guy didn’t get the memo. When you are a walking transaction cost; you should really try to be polite and unobtrusive about it.


Well he’s smart enough not to choose sides. Republican dollars are just as green as Democrat dollars.


Amusing, as long as he’s not in a neighborhood that’s largely new arrivals or Muslim.
(As in, “now that you’re about to be deported,…”)


The real estate industry attracts some wonderful people.


There is a billboard off I-35 in Austin that some REALTOR® put up. I saw it a couple of months ago and it made me chuckle.


(I should make it clear I consider DT a member of the above-mentioned real estate industry)



Some sort of schat anyhow.


Hey, this is America! If there is a buck to exploit from the panic of people, you can be sure that there will always be one brave man that will stand up to that challenge!


Real estate is founded on human misery.


Make sure you got something lined up before selling your house. Most 1st world countries have stricter immigration policies than America. I met an American illegal immigrant in Italy. She had to work under the table at a hostel.



Though I do find this flyer amusing, and would definitely give him some bonus points for his effort.


I saw it last week. Maybe not the same one - the one I saw was on I-35 south somewhere between Parmer and 183.


Pretty sure it will be like those who said they’d leave during Bush vs Gore. That is to say all hat no cattle.


This is why, should you ever decide to emigrate from the U.S. out of panic and/or horror, you should choose a country with terrible paperwork for this sort of thing

I don’t know exactly which countries those are but I’ll place a decent bet on India and Mongolia. I think @knoxblox once told me that Moldova might be a good candidate, too.


I think Moldova is straddling the fence as of late.

Their economy is steadily improving and solidifying, though they are still the poorest country in Eastern Europe, and heavily in debt. A deal they might strike with Romania for a natural gas pipeline might break their dependence upon Russia for physical support.
If they managed to enter the EU, they’d probably replace Greece as the new red-headed stepchild.

But yeah, paperwork might not be such a hassle, though police and bureaucratic corruption is still a problem.


In the words of Stephen Fry, “there’s only one thing worse than a real estate agent, but at least that can be lanced, drained and surgically dressed.”


Still not as funny as the atheist who started After The Rapture Pet Care.


That tone-deaf mattress commercial ‘celebrating’ terrorism by demolishing prices… is just the tip of the iceberg I fear.