Reminder: ousted California Republican Dana Rohrabacher is a filthy tenant from hell


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also he told the other traitors I’m not taking payoffs for Putin with you, you’re taking payoffs from Putin with me!


One plus: his lawyer is going to cost an awful lot more than that security deposit, especially when he loses.


Dasvidaniya, bottom-feeder.


How is either person’s military service history relevant in any way to this story?


Because Republican pols are notorious warmongers. Ergo, it’s another way that Rohrabacher is a fucking hypocrite.


Glad I can call the former Representative for Moscow a true garbage person.


That makes it relevant to how Rohrabacher is a hypocrite, but the story is primarily about his being a bad tenant who has the gall to sue for his security deposit after trashing the property, not about all the ways he’s a typical Republican.


Until I can see some more photos than a grease spill on a stove, I’ll consider this a he said/he said. Honestly, if the damage was truly as bad as OC reported, they’d be up on Reddit in a heartbeat. Show me some shocking real estate photos!


I can find no information about how this 2013/2014 lawsuit worked out, but I’ve seen others posting that it turned out the landlord lied and Rohrabacher won the suit. Again, I have no confirmation of this, but maybe someone’s google-fu is working better than mine this morning. It just seems way weird and unrelated to his being a shit show shill to Russia with love.


I agree with this. The reporting doesn’t seem to offer much evidence outside of the one photo - which could be from anywhere. Rohrabacher certainly behaves like a knob-end in his public life, but trashing rental properties doesn’t sound like his style. I’ll need to see some more photos of the place. Maybe they will come out in the trial if it goes to court.


Even weirder: the pictures are missing from TPM (bottom of story)

and the original OC weekly post 404s

Someone scrubbed deeply!


Ah, now we’re getting somewhere! Dives in…




Frustratingly doesn’t seem to have the photos, unless I’m driving it wrongly


So we have filthy berber carpet. That is pretty bad, but equally bad is the choice of berber carpet in homes with high foot traffic.


About one third of the photos in this image gallery work.

More are visible in this story here:

While it would be nice to see more of the pictures, the ones that are still live are enough to convince me that Rohrabacher definitely deserved to have his security deposit docked for some heavy duty cleaning charges. Getting that white carpet^ back might be impossible, so yeah, confiscating the entire security deposit seems reasonable enough.

^ Lesson one in why you do not want to put a white carpet, or really, any carpet in a rental. Pay the extra money for tile or hardwood floors throughout the entire building, then if you need it to look pretty for high end clients, buy area rugs and the like. Tenants cannot be trusted with carpet, and not even the most morally pure and angelically trustworthy tenants should be trusted with white carpets.


Good god! One would almost think they were butt-dragging across the carpet the way dogs do.


Yeah, I came here specifically to gripe about the spurious uniform worship. I wish that American people, before saying anything military-related, would read their words back to themselves in a German accent and see if they really agree with what they’re saying.


Can any human being alive be trusted with white carpets?