Amy Klobuchar legendarily abusive to staff


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“ But Klobuchar being a bad boss is one of those “everybody knows” things in DC. I haven’t been in DC in years and even I “know” it. Klobuchar has a reputation for being a bad boss over and above normal “of course most senators are assholes” behavior. And, for what it’s worth, I’ve heard this about Klobuchar specifically. I’ve never heard it about any other Dem women in Congress. I suspect (I have no idea!) Claire McCaskill (for example) wasn’t always pure sunshine, but I never heard bad boss stories about her.

The joke I heard:

Amy Klobuchar is a very likable and popular senator from Minnesota. She wins re-election with 70% of the vote there. The other 30% have worked for her.”


I know someone who works on the hill. We actually had an argument because they said this behavior is common among hill staffers, but Amy is being targeted for her gender :roll_eyes:



I used to work for a guy like this. The company hiring process was like a revolving door, and his wife always rationalized his asshole behavior…“Oh, he just hasn’t eaten in a few hours.”


Ha! Came here to post that. Pretty damning. Useful reminder that good politicians are not always (often?) nice people, and vice-versa.


I had to reread that statement because I was thinking “Ramsay Bolton of politics.”


If she’s a crappy boss, but a great President- I can adjust.

Especially to get rid the orange kleptocrat.


Substance abuse + (being an abusive asshole) = No Vote For You


Is that for or against Trump or Klobuchar? :thinking:


Fuck it. Haven’t we had enough flaming assholes of any kind of persuasion? Answer…we have. Saint’s I ain’t expecting but God Damn I’m sick of MAD (Major Asshole Disorder) personality types. Either control your distain for other people or become a CEO. It really ain’t too much to ask.


Game of Nightmare Kitchens?


The president is basically the boss of bosses for the federal government, so that doesn’t seem possible. She could be a less bad president (but then so could a horny, meth-addled baboon in comparison to a 21st century post-1950s Republican).


The author of the article seems to think “Minnesota nice” means nice.


Here to tell y’all “nope”. Grew up with that passive-aggressive balloneyshit, will call it out at every turn.


We have a crappy boss as president right now. The crappiest. It isn’t going great.

If she’s losing her shit with a few dozen staffers, let’s not put her in charge of millions.


I always called it “Minnesota nice-nice.” If you know the euphemism.


I don’t know- but I do know that the Rethug Rat-effers are trying to preemptively knock off as many Dem candidates as they can.

I’m not ready to form a circular fire squad at the first salvo. And no one is saying she was a crappy Senator. I can wait to hear more before consigning her to the trash heap.


“I cried. I cried, like, all the time,” said one former staffer.

I see we have commenced with the " Democrats circling the wagons, and start shooting each other", before the General Election.


Seriously. Is there “something wrong” with every single fucking potential Democratic nominee? Jesus Christ, all this is going to get the fucking disaster in The White House re-elected. Because republicans seriously don’t give a shit about anyone’s “character”, or competence, or anything else so long as they can “own the libs”.



Now there’s a fucking mortifying thought.