Amy Klobuchar legendarily abusive to staff


Just had a legitimate spit-take upon reading that.


Anyone who demonstrates this sort of extreme, hostile behavior towards their allies automatically loses my vote. This isnt an example of effectiveness, it’s the exact opposite.

Berating your employees until they cry - inexcusable. See a therapist.


I think that all of the great candidates in the US are missing the desire to run for office. They are just out there doing their thing and have no intention to ever have to go through the ugliness of running. .


Aren’t like half the people in this country female? Most of the ones I know are smart, savvy, nice to their fellow human beings and really good at their jobs. Lets elect one of them.


It has been said that the desire to hold office should be an automatic disqualification. :slightly_smiling_face:


Because everyone smart enough for the job is smart enough to stay far far FAR away from it.


Yeah I worked with somebody like this too. It was a small company: a partnership with three owners, one of whom was the problem person. It was worse for the other two partners than for me, because I left when they fired me, and went to a better place.


I’d read rumblings about this before in the 2020 thread, it’s interesting to see that they’re confirmed. Between that and her weaksauce vision for healthcare (which I only incidentally discovered today, completely by accident). I have to say I’m pretty underwhelmed. I don’t expect her to win the nomination if she runs, either.

Timecoded to relevant tidbit.


Yeah, I heard this from her first run. Similar rumors don’t pop up about everybody or everywoman even though politicians generally have to inflate their sense of self worth just to get up the courage to run.

Also, What is with waking up at 4 o’clock in the morning and thinking you can make rational important work related decisions? Trump does this to tweet. A number of the worst candidates I have heard about have been the insanely early morning risers. One candidate wanted their staff on 5am conference calls. I don’t know where you find people willing to work like that.


It seems everyone took the wrong lessons away from Steve Jobs.


maybe she’s right to abuse her staff though, if they’re stupid enough to vote for or against someone based on how much they like them and not for policy reasons. /drollery



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I automatically distrust early risers.


It’s best to weed them out now - we don’t want to have any revelations after the nominee has been announced. Just look at Virginia.


In all honesty, it seems all female Democratic politicians are confronted with anonymous complaints of being bosses from hell. Before I start believing this too much, I think back to all of the times Hillary was accused of berating her staff, of insulting them with expletives, and so on. All lies, whole cloth inventions, so until actual staffer come forward and not anonymous complaints, I shall give Senator Klobuchar the benefit of the doubt.

Yes, I read the article. The four accusers wanted to remain anonymous, went to BuzzFeed rather than the New York Times or the Washington Post, and those saying otherwise were willing to put their names behind them.

Oh yeah, and the mails themselves are kind of suspicious as well, since they weren’t shared, supposedly for fear of having them being published.

Right now, I see the chances of this being true at around a little less than half.


everyone’s so fucking soft.


This could easily be as big as the Buzzfeed / Michael Cohen story.

For those of you who’ve already forgotten:


As a former campaign worker of hers, that worked closely with her while she was in the throes of her 2nd reelection. This article is completely false. Every time Senator Klobuchar attempts to run for any office whether it’s reelection or now for President, this is all they got!? She is a sweetheart. I worked with her and received 100s of emails from her and NEVER ONCE did she berate me or send it in all caps. I believe because she’s a woman they are grasping at straws.