Trump's own White House official called him 'deplorable,' private messages show


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This is funny, but it makes an interesting point: the White House is content to employ staffers who have said terrible things about the president. Why is a different standard applied by them to anyone else?

I would reason to say that it isn’t. It is just hard to find qualified candidates that have not said terrible things about the president.


But he is evidently willing to accept a paycheck from the fat Nixon.


That deep state gets everywhere.


Before joining the Trump administration, the White House principal deputy press secretary, Raj Shah, called President Donald Trump “a deplorable” and referred to the release of the Access Hollywood tape as “some justice…”

Left out a kind of key fact there, didn’t we? Plenty of never-Trumpers did an about-face when it suited them to suck ass. The list is long. I don’t think Trump even shows any loyalty to the few who got on the Trump train before it left the station. Trump has no loyalty to anybody.


There are cars and trucks in my workplace parking lot that have “Proud to be a Deplorable” stickers on them. The term is not that offensive to many MAGA cultists.


Yeah, it’s interesting to see who in the White House is a crazy extremist and which are just morally bankrupt whores. It’s mostly the latter.

Well, the White House is perfectly happy to appoint completely unqualified people, so…
And there is this weird disconnect where someone who said negative things about Trump is somehow proof of an anti-Trump/liberal conspiracy except when that person is working in the White House.

Well, it reads better than “racist asshole,” which is what it’s a euphemism for.


And yet Mr Shah works him/them, what does that make him?


Yup, New York Mag article linked has a pic of the right guy…


Yeah, it was adopted as a sort of “badge of honor,” by them after Hillary Clnton used it. It sort of emphasizes the extant to which they feel that the differences between them and the left are implacable ones of tribe rather than debatable differences on policy.


Of course he called him that. He has eyes and ears after all. We may as well start reporting on people standing in water commenting on how water is wet so we can call it anti water bias.


One of the best things about that Fire and Fury book (and possibly the main reason Trump obsessed about it for weeks) is that it detailed so many of the unflattering things his own supposed team members and supporters had to say about him. (“Fucking moron” was a popular one.)


And work for and with people who would either prefer he or his lineage never immigrated here. See also Ajit Pai, etc.


I was trying to reconcile those two images, thinking Raj must have a seriously asymmetrical face to present such different profiles.


LOL I fucked up, image swapped. Sorry.


When the reckoning day comes, every one of those rats will say “I was just following orders!”


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