Sassy Trump: "On Many Sides"


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I don’t like Donald Trump.


So today Trump condemns White Supremacists and Nazis but still employs them on on his staff, Bannon and Gorka. The statement he gave while squinting off into the distance at what I assume was a teleprompter reminded me of a child being forced to read something they didn’t really believe.


It looked like a hostage tape to me.


I love that! Did you make? May I borrow???


The interwebs built it, and we may use it, and often…


Not many Presidents could make threatening nuclear war the second worst thing they did in a week.


Or a US prisoner in North Vietnam.


It’s the hypocrisy of the “On Many Sides” quote that bothers me. Was there an Anti-Fascist homicidal manic at the rally that only President Trump and his staff saw? The White House should release that footage to Law Enforcement.


He seems to be blinking at really odd intervals. I’ve tried transliterating it into Morse code but it just comes out as some kind of number cipher that doesn’t seem to mean anything - “1488”.


Whoah buddy, getting a little crude and crass there wouldn’t you say? /s



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