Putin fanboy Dana Rohrabacher has almost certainly lost to a Democrat


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One Putin Tool down, at least one more big fat orange one to go.


“Rouda is leading Rohrabacher 50.7 percent of the vote to 49.3 percent,”

That doesn’t sound like “almost certainly lost” so much as “too close to call with a difference of 1.4%”. I can’t disagree that Rouda has most likely won (hard to see that many mail-in’s making up the difference), but a recount and mistakes being uncovered is far from implausible.


Putin fanboy Dana Rohrabacher

And, from the looks of things, Afwerki fanboy:


What was his Kremlin code name? Agent Asshole? Puppet #1337? Useful moran? Traitor n thief? Sellout surfnazi?


I’d like to see Muller’s’ file on him.


Term limits, this guy is a poster child for it.


“Lost At Arm Wrestling”


And yet half the population of the locale voted for him. Still :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Agent Mushroom.


Another shithead bites the dust. It’s a grim celebration, but a celebration nonetheless.


5. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)

Net Worth: -$924,0003312_original_tumblr_lk2auncuxW1qbw5qso1_500


He will have a job with RT or a Russian corporation’s board seat within 6 months.


At last Sarah Palin will be able to see Russia from her home.


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