For sale: Single home spanning two countries with doorways to both


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I have never wanted something so badly in all my life.


Seems like a really good investment opportunity. Charge $500 per head for those coming into the country… and $1500 for those fleeing Trump. I bet you’d pay off the mortgage in a matter of weeks.


What a shame it will have to go when The Wall is build.


Hearts and minds, right guys?


Indeed! Do they have a nearby college in need of an American historian maybe?


It so happens that I am also a dual citizen, US/Canada. Hm!


I heard of a house like that between France and Switzerland.


Four words: Anchor Baby Birthing Room.


Meanwhile, everyone south of the U.S./Mexico border is scratching their heads…


“Welcome to the U.S.A., where are you traveling today?”

“Dude. I’m going to the kitchen to get some juice.”


I have never NOT wanted something so badly in all my life.


That whole building is only $109K?? Dang, I’m going to have to move out of San Francisco one of these days. You could easily spend 100 times that much on a comparable-looking house here.


I figured the property value was in the toilet because of the absurd security theater CBP imposed on the buildings straddling the border. This building would have been amazing to call home in the days before xenophobic bigots exploited 9/11 to take over American politics and government. Now, I don’t think I’d care to live in a constant reminder of their Kafkaesque stoogery, awesome though the building’s location is.


Unfortunately I have a feeling the pic is of the library, (ref. flower pots).


Aye. Here’s the house…


Ah, I couldn’t tell if that was the same building from another angle. Sounds like the biggest sticking point is the estimated $600K rebuild cost. Still a steal by San Francisco standards, but then most housing outside of San Francisco is.


I’ve heard Uni profs in other parts of the country get annoyed by Bay area profs who’ve moved into their area. Same level of education, same jobs, but a humble abode in that part of CA costs the same as a real mansion elsewhere so the new guys look 10x richer.


As someone who teaches college in San Francisco I can assure you we certainly don’t make 10x as much money. Though if I somehow managed to afford a home here I guess I’d be able to switch up for a much bigger pad whenever it was time to move.


So when Trump was elected, they were just like “That’s it! I’m moving to the kitchen.”