For the first time, a US president has classified the legal justification for taking publicly acknowledged actions


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This will be declassified soon enough.


I’m sure that Donald has all of our best interests at heart.


We all eat McDonalds now.


The reason why is because I said so, that’s why.




The reason for the attack will leak out soon enough


I see what you did there.

Really taking the ‘mic’. (in this case short for micturation)


If they aren’t going to impeach him for the other shit he’s done that was unconstitutional, he can be assured that Congress won’t impeach him for this. This is like a participant in the prisoner’s dilemma daring the other prisoner to drop a dime on him so they’ll both go down for a long time.


The only way this makes any sense to me is if drumpf’s justification is completely risible; something cobbled together from scraps of intelligence taken out of context and the febrile doodling of his increasingly senescent brain. The secrecy is there to hide that there is no secret, just a moron in over his head, flailing his arms and hoping he looks strong.


Since no war since WWII has been approved by Congress, it is not really clear that a justification is really needed anymore if you don’t care about the constitution.

The coverup is clearly going to be the downfall of this president.


Point of pedantry: no war since WWII has been declared by Congress.

But there has been, e.g., the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (authorising LBJ to commit troops to action in Vietnam) and the two Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolutions (ditto for Bush I & Bush II in Iraq).


I’m sure he only took this action after a series of lengthy discussions about alternatives with his Secretary of State and other senior officials and diplomats in the State Department.

Oh, right…


Or it will leak. Hopefully.


I see your endangered State Department and raise you one Bolton.



But Trump’s a successful businessman. You can trust him.


Yeah, that sounds both plausible and familiar…

“We have a very, very good justification. The best. We’ll be very happy to show it to you, at some later time. You’ll find it very convincing, I promise.”


Watch this GOP congress let Trump pee-pee all over them.


If he were a democrat, they wouldn’t hesitate. But they’ve been all about the team first and foremost for a while.



“Killing Syrians is good, but you should have asked for permission first”.

The hashtag resistance are completely fucking useless. The second that Donnie orders an invasion of somewhere, they’ll all shift into “support our troops” mode while they whinge about how the Trumpists are mismanaging the invasion.

The USA has no antiwar party. Militarism and imperialism are baked into the bedrock of modern America.