Forbidden Wine: Tide detergent now comes in a dispenser box


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I wish the wine boxes were as nicely designed.


The reality is simply that a bag in a box is a cheaper, lighter container than a large bottle.


When they first released these detergent boxes, years and years ago, I am sure the kids were still able to get ahold of cough syrup.


I keep thinking laundry detergent can’t be any be more overpackaged, but the industry continues to prove me wrong.


They always say “keep out of reach of children”, but I think they should also add “and the elderly”. If you look at the hospitalization numbers for consuming detergent, it’s huge problem with elderly people.


Considering every few years, some variation of this happens. Sometimes Jimson weed, sometimes another plant.

(Fun fact: Jimson weed was the poison used in season 2 of The Sinner)



From smoking banana peels to drinking Liquid Plumbr, people just want to escape.


Yeah but this is actually less packaging. Not only is it lighter and uses less plastic, it also stacks better for transport.




This kind of detergent package is always a terrible mess. You never catch all the drips in the cup. You end up with a dried detergent crud all over.


As long as they don’t get rid of regular bottles, too, I think this is a great idea. (Purchasers, however, DO have to take responsibility to make sure it’s a good idea for their household, but they should be doing that for whatever kind of detergent they buy.)


Also allows the size of the inner bag to decline over time, out of sight, while the outer box and the price stay the same.





And you know that will happen. I just noticed the other day that the 5 lb bag of sugar I buy once or twice a year now contains only 4 lbs. When did that happen?

I’m waiting for a carton of a dozen eggs to contain 11 eggs.


Specifically, P&G developed a special spigot that prevents drips. They’ve been using on their Tide bottles for a while and it works quite well. Are you using a different brand? I’ve never seen a drip from the new spigot.


Honestly that just looks like the over sized jugs they’ve been selling for decades with less plastic.


Christ. As if on cue: