Thin, rectangular bottles in standard paper sizes




How do you wash it? Or are we marketing to folks who will just buy a new one when intelligent life arises in the top corner?


The best use I can imagine for this is being able to easily store a quart of gin in a filing cabinet. Heck, you could have your whole mini-bar sorted alphabetically in color coded folders!


$5 gets you a thank-you card, which seems awful hard to drink from. Bottles start at $23 AUD for the A5 size.


I think the main use for these is to store antimicrobial agents. Tasty, tasty antimicrobial agents.


Hmmm... they should have a model with through-holes that fit a standard 3-ring or 4-ring binder.


Price isn't actually 5 dollars. a 5 dollar backer gets a "Memobottle Thank you card"


Drink your way through the alphabet!

Absinthe. . . Bourbon. . . Cognac. . .


I've updated the post to reflect the correct price. Thank you.


Clearly marketed towards Lawyers and law students.


Perfect form factor for liquid paper.


Do they use very much letter size paper in Oz? And these would be more useful if the the neck didn't stick out so that they WOULD fit in standard files..


No, no. I asked for "a fifth of vodka," not "A5 of vodka."


They favor A4, but presumably included "letter" as well to cater to international customers.


A trick in some chem labs is using sand. Put some sand or other mild abrasive into the glass vessel, some water/solvent and surfactant, and shake vigorously. Sometimes it helps. If not, then there's the sufuric acid-dichromate solution, or if you are adventurous, sulfuric acid plus concentrated peroxide.


I will pledge $25 right now if they put that in the FAQ.


'Crap, it's been a bad day at work, I need the A4.'

Okay, so check the Kickstarter... they claim this is for water. AH hahahahahaha. Yeah.


Letter is sort of a joke over here because nobody knows what the printer driver means when you hit print and it tries to print to Letter by default. The format is unknown here and seems to exist just to make printers not work.


I work in a technical library with plenty of old technical we have to deal with the old "government size" (8"x10.5") and old British material which is something like 8"x13" an d doesn't fit easily on the shelves.


I prefer my printer paper by the quart, and the economy gallon size for the copier.