What is this thing in the wall?


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Ceremonial knives.




Religious icons.

Sweet jar.


What size of bottle was that? Wine bottles have a lot of variation in size, and I expect that obtaining the smaller sizes would not have been that difficult for someone like Jean Harlow.


Peanut butter.


Shrunken heads.


Another possibility


According to Mental Floss back in November, you’ve already figured this out:


You have to remember that Jean Harlow used to throw some pretty wild parties.


And now I notice the date in 2010.


Live wasp


I see that someone’s read Hollywood Babylon.


i think telephone cabinets are usually 2 or 3 parts vertical: one for the receiver, one for the wiring, sometimes one for a phone book.

i vote: elf ironing board, harry potter’s closet, design flaw.


water ,


Yes, thank you… coulda sworn I’d seen this before!


What is this thing in the wall?

Oh, that? That’s where I keep extra molecules of air, so that I’ll always have them close to hand. Keeps them all squared up, you know?


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