Forced-pregnancy scam that masqueraded as abortion clinics won't account for $1M in Pennsylvania tax-dollars



How would you feel if you went to the shop and they put brand new snow tires on your car, but their snow tires had no tread? Now, imagine if it were your girlfriend they put in such a dangerous spot, by their lying?


I don’t think they love babies so much as infantry.


There is one right next door to Planned Parenthood downtown where I live.


Ha ha ha!

  1. These fake abortion clinics are utter shit. They are a horror show to pregnant individuals.

  2. as an auditor, whose tight with my local state auditors. HA HA HA HA HA! When I audit a contractor for federal funds, the minute they start getting squirrelly, it’s a good bet there is shit going down in their books. If these shitheel forced pregnancy assholes thought suing an auditor for the state was going to dissuade anyone, they are idiots. Maybe they are just so used to using intimidation, and quasi legalese to harass women and legitimate women’s health clinics, they just don’t understand when you use government funds, you have to account for it, and nobody cares about their shady intimidation practices.

ETA: Wait? $24 a woman? That’s 41,000 women for that particular $1million. They had $30 million. Just a quick and dirty look at it, says that’s 1,250,000 women? I mean, we could calculate the overhead, and whatnot, but at $24 a woman, how many women are they really reaching? If it was my case, I’d be doing some recalculations, and demanding a lot of support. That doesn’t add up at all.


If I picked up a rock off of the ground, and was told, “You’re not allowed, on force of [insert punishment here], to put that rock down for the next nine months,” I’d still consider that “forced stone carrying,” even though no one forced me to pick the rock up in the first place.

If I walked into a jail as a visitor and they locked the cell door behind me and left me there for nine months, I’d still consider that “forced imprisonment,” even though I walked in of my own volition.

Removing someone’s ability to withdraw consent to do something is “force,” in my mind at least, in exactly the same way that making them start to do the same thing without consent is.




And how many $24 subsidies would the donald fund from one weekend trip to the “southern white house”?


I suppose that anyone silently standing outside one of these places with a “Fake Clinic!” sign would be immediately hit by all the laws passed to protect the real ones.



I cannot like this. Sorry.


“Forced pregnancy” reflects the inflammatory “baby killer” and “pro-abortion” terms the anti-abortion-for-any-reason folks like to throw around. But it’s much more accurate as the previous replies argue.


If abortion isn’t legal and affordable, how can you really be sure your mom wanted you?


Nah, it’s fine. They made sure that some sluts couldn’t get an abortion, so who cares if they siphoned off public funds… /s


They are lying and denying women a choice by doing so. Fuck them and their utter hostility to my rights.

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