Poland's insane abortion law is back

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These anti-abortion proposals are outrageous, and to think similar shenanigans are happening in the US (and elsewhere) speaks to the importance of having proper education and female representation in political and social issues.


If Men could get pregnant, there’d be abortion clinics on every corner in the world, with drive through service, and they’d be free of charge.


Who let all these women vote? That’s obviously the problem here.


This isn’t even untrue. It’s totally fucking subjective. It’s like trying to teach what the color red feels like. For some people life begins when they have their first memories, for others when they finally get out of their overbearing parents’ house, and for still others when they discover microplush electric blankets (but seriously, to my people in the northeast…). If people can’t speak plainly, and say “the stage of human development at which we believe termination of a pregnancy should be legal” they really need to go back to the damn sandbox.

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But didn’t you hear?

The Church in Poland has done studies, and has used their patented Soul Detectors1 to confirm that the soul does, in fact, come into existence at the moment of conception.

1 Obtained at a very nice discount after some controversy about other things that they were supposed to detect.



If they can baptize a dead, unviable fetus that has been delivered or miscarried, why can they not baptize a dead, unviable fetus that has been aborted? What is the difference, from their perspective?


“Would you like an abortion with that?”


This will come to the Christian State (formally known as the US) within the next decade.

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