Poland abandons total abortion ban: "a lesson in humility" -UPDATED

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Now, to work on getting rid of the rest of the abortion ban.


You win this time, ladyparts!


So… the law wasn’t passed yet? I thought it was already law. They have a legislature over there, right?


So they’re going to keep their existing laws which simply ban abortion in almost every circumstance. Backing down on removing these couple of exceptions must make them seem downright progressive! (I wonder what regressive legislation they’ll ram through now that everyone’s too busy being relieved to notice.)


It was not nearly law yet. It was a bill being debated in the Sejm (lower house, like the House of Representatives in the US).


And how is Polish Science these days? If you have to stop and think before answering, I totally understand.

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It was a bill being debated in the Sejm (lower house, like the House of Representatives in the US).

If I had told you that a bill was being considered in the House of Representatives, the final disposition of that bill would depend on whether it could pass the House, whether it could pass the Senate, and whether Obama was inclined to sign it.

But if I had told you that a bill was being considered in the House of Commons, you’d do well to ask whether May supported it, and whether it was was going to be a whipped vote.

Which style of government does the Polish Government most resemble?

As an American, where we Teach The Controversy ™ about evolution vs. creationism rather than just teaching fucking evolution, and where we have abstinence-only sex ed or no sex ed at all, and where I have had to basically re-learn much of what I was taught in primary school because it was pretty much bullshit, I can’t comment on this.


From the updated post (edited for Twitterness):

unfortunately, is it far from over. Please notice how he didn’t mention the cases of fetal defects. That means they might still want to force women to give birth even if there is no chance the baby would live.

in 20 minutes, an urgent meeting will be held in Polish Sejm about this bill. This can still go very wrong.

women in Warsaw are currently gathering in front of Sejm for an impromptu protest.
— Olga Wojnarowska (@olga_woj) October 5, 2016

Uggh. WTF?


Hopefully the protest will convince the regressives to fully back down.

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please don’t do that. Just post the link, and bbs will do the rest.

The original tweets are in the updated article (which I mentioned), which is why I didn’t post the links. I just don’t like reading thoughts that get interrupted in the middle of the sentence.

but a mishap happened - afaik normally new laws are debated three times, the first time in the responsible parliamentary commission/workgroup, second time in the Sejm itself and finally, after all CRs are included, the last time with a vote.

the gov planned to let the two competing proposals (the law discussed here and a much more liberal one) clash in the workgroup, with the idea to form a compromise more or less identical to the current abortion law: still medieval but (more or less) working. PiS supporters would not find the holy grail (complete ban) but the rest of the population would not start to hang politicians on the next lamp post (the protests were a first foretaste).

but the party leaders underestimated the mood, the parliamentarians accepted the law in the first debate without the detour via the parliamentary commission - therefor the next step is not compromising in a smaller group of parliamentarians but the second debate in the Sejm at large

the Sejm is the relevant part of the parliament, all laws have to be decided there first. the Senate has mostly an advisory role, the can block or amend bills accepted in the Sejm but if they do nothing the acceptance is assumed after one month.

all bills need to be survive the three debates in the Sejm first, Senate and president can “only” hinder the entry into force


I have to say, I love the graphic. I want it on a T-shirt :slight_smile:

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