Forced-pregnancy scam that masqueraded as abortion clinics won't account for $1M in Pennsylvania tax-dollars


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this is legal?

imo more of a scandal than the lousy $1M of unaccounted public grants


Such generosity! Why, they spend at least that much per placard on the buses around here I’m sure.


Now I’m convinced there’s something there.”

Well OK then. I think.


Sadly, yes, it is legal so far. Something something first amendment freeze peach. You’re talking about the same country that doesn’t consider it government censorship to pass laws saying pediatricians can’t talk to parents about gun safety, so the line is basically “Wherever the GOP says it is.”


One of these fucks thanked me for choosing life when I was out walking with my daughter when she was really young. I’m not sure what I said back to her, but I think I growled it, because the person walking with me jumped.

I’m just waiting for the case where one of these centers gives a woman an ‘ultrasound’ (some organizations even have buses that they drive to park in front of actual legit care centers to give fake ultrasounds), she decided to have a baby with horrific defects, and she sues. These places have so much money, they could do so much actual good for women, but they spend it all trying to keep women pregnant, scared and poorly informed.


It tells you all you need to know about the “morality” of the anti-choice movement that one of its tactics is running a nation-wide network of “big store” confidence scams.


It’ll be interesting to see who owns the companies that got the contracts and what “services” were actually bought on the taxpayer dime.


CPCs shouldn’t be legal–masquerading as medical clinics, for one–but they toe the line, and occasionally play hopscotch on it. The only reason they haven’t been made illegal outright is because of the pro-birth culture in the US supports them.


Forced pregnancy, my! I missed the part of the article where they forced women to become pregnant. There’s no way it could be inflammatory clickbait headline. I must have read too quickly.

@renke not only is it legal, in some states it is mandated by law that physicians give their patients false information, because the government shouldn’t come between a patient and her doctor unless we say so.


These outfits are disgusting. The only reason that they are legal is that people allow themselves to be cowed by the supposedly more moral “Moral Majority” anti-abortion types who love babies and hate women.


What the actual fuck




Yep! “Pro-life” in action!

something something babies

pretty much what it is. Plus “pro-lifers” are usually against the things that help the babies after they are born (WIC, SNAP, education).

All about the control of the womenfolk


The owner of one of the real clinics where I escort does not call them “Crisis Pregnancy Clinics.” Rather, she calls them what they are: Fake Clinics.

There was one of these things next door to a real clinic. The fetus worshipers there put on orange vests (we escorts wear bright orange t-shirts and patients are told to look for that) and tried to lure patients in their door. Sometimes, they succeeded.

That clinic owner was at a point where she wanted to retire and the fake clinic bought her out using a third party as cover.

It’s a damn shame what these folks do with state and federal $$! Fake clinics in my state are funded by special license plates.


If they interefere with and deceive women seeking abortions they could cause enough trouble that young or uninformed women might miss the short window between discovering an unwanted pregnancy and legal termination. Abortion is a legal alternative to being pregnant. Interefering to the point in which it is no longer possible for a woman who wishes not carry is a forced pregnancy.

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I never liked the moniker “civilized” for West Europe and North America and prefer “rich countries”. the article you linked justifies even “uncivilized”.


For the last several years, Republican “Small Government” legislatures have been passing laws dictating various barriers to getting abortions and contraceptives, universally with outright falsehoods/wishful thinking in the contents.


Buses carry like 40 people to term. It’s a much better vehicle for carrying their water.