Congressman Trent Franks [R-AZ] resigns amidst accusations that he pressured his female staff to bear his children as surrogate mothers


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Ah, family values… not like those disgusting homos with a stable same-sex relationship and adopted kids, that’s just gross.


I don’t even know where to start on this…


I’ve never understood why paid surrogacy is legal.

  1. That’s deeply disturbing.

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Those thongs give me butt-itch just looking at them.


Why shouldn’t it be? Surrogacy is done with explicit consent and with supervision of medical professionals. No one is being tricked into being a surrogate… maybe you’re thinking of the movie Alien.


Jan of 2018 huh? I guess he needs to stick around for that tax vote.


You can also consent to sell your kidney, but we don’t do that because creating a market for human organs opens a huge potential for abuse. Similarly a market where vulnerable women are assuming the risk of injury, death and long term trauma on behalf of wealthy women who don’t want to take on that risk.


He should have pressured his male staff instead. Rookie mistake. :grimacing:


Not a 1 to 1 comparison but ok i’ll bite. A person can consent to donate their kidney though am i correct?


so the GOP is going full Hamdmaid’s Tale huh? man, 2017 is truly The Year All Pretense Was Dropped.


I think that tells us more about your consumer history than about BoingBoing.


But it would not be appropriate to ask people that depend on you for their livelihood.


I’m not too familiar with the topic, but I think one problem might be that it can take advantage of desperate women who’d do anything for money to live, and/or from poor countries. Similar to how prostitution can be on your own accord or a part of slavery / human trafficking.


People can sell blood, plasma, marrow, eggs, sperm, volunteer for human trials on experimental drugs, etc. Singling out surrogacy is cherry picking.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for surrogacy, also paid, as long as it’s really voluntary and not exploiting anyone.


I get the concern, judging by this story of the congressman one can read between the lines that he was trying to pressure women into surrogacy. And i’m sure there are actual instances of women being taken advantage of, such a thing is abhorrent. But as that one guy commented above… making surrogacy flat out illegal is dumb as hell. Might as well make abortion illegal too, donating human tissues, human trials, etc because the potential for abuse is there.


Got it, I’m with you on this.