Forgotten placeholder text




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Passive-aggressive question in reply here.


Thinly-veiled product spam quote, with link here.


Simpsons quote


Text welcoming sloppy alien editor overlords.


Blah blah blah blah blah banana.


I’m sad nobody is kickin’ it oldschool hot-type style…ETAOIN SHRDLU forever!


“is an example of self-referencing placeholder text”, is an example of self-referencing placeholder text.


I do not accept the NYT screen capture as legit.


Insert citation required citation here.


This is why I almost always skip over any articles written by that “Lorem Ipsum” fellow.


They’re a little flowery, but classic[al]s.


It’s all Greek to me.


Reference to an earlier article read on Boing Boing years ago, that this story reminds me of.


Do you mean that one about the restaurant in Asia that had the name in the local language and then also “342 Translation Error” or something similar in English? Yeah that one was funny. A pity I can’t find the link to it any more.


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