Forklift drivers block in a car driven by suspected tool thieves


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These forklift drivers should not have jumped to conclusions without waiting for the courts to decide.



Happy endings are so rare these days.


The video has a strange glitch: it cuts out right before the part where the skegs “try to escape on foot” and are “apprehended.”


“Thives”. Are they anything like chives?


“Oh man, we’re forked! We’re so forked!”


Nah he just forgot the apostrophe. It’s cockney, thi’ves

Also, tool thieves deserve a special level of hell. Now in some cases the tools are company owned, but A LOT of people who do labor that requires tools own their own. They spend a life time buying and upgrading as needed. Stealing their tools is almost literally like cutting off their hands - as you just destroyed their ability to work, destroyed their ability to take care of their family. In most cases replacement costs go into over a thousand, even with cheap stuff from walmart or Lowes. If they had good tools its thousands (tens of thousands for some people.)

And the thieves get like 10% of the value hocking it somewhere. Makes me fucking sick.


Yeah, but you could say the same thing about people stealing cars. Which is why I insure mine against theft. You can, and should insure your tools against theft if you are a pro, relying on them for your livelihood. At least in my experience in the U.S., my commercial vehicle policy covered tools stolen from the vehicle back when I was busting my knuckles. And I never left tools overnight at a job site unless I had an agreement from the G.C. or owner that my stuff was covered.

But you’re right, thieves are terrible people. At least tools are a lot easier to replace than hands.


I half expected the forklift drivers to just pick the car up.


tool thieves are the worst, you could litrally deprive someone of their livelyhood by stealing their expensive tools.



Came here just to say that.

Though @M_Dub already said it better.


This is actually how it should work. Detaining WITH cause. If it turns out they were acting on behalf of the owners of the truck, then all is well.


I’m actually kind of impressed by how brazen they were. It’s the middle of a busy site and they thought they could just roll up, grab some stuff an leg it? That’s pretty ambitious.


Its the best time. Its unlikely people will question why people are there. Sneak around at night with a torch and the cops will nab you.


So the forklift drivers are actually stopping the car in order to buy tools cheaply? Sad.


TOOL THIEVES: The lowest form of life.


Cockney rhyming slang for thief = tea leaf.


OK, you got me. Maybe its more of a Scottish sounding? “Fooking thives.”?


The thieves were lucky that one of the forklift drivers wasn’t Klaus.