Former CIA Chief Hayden Says Trump is Russia’s Useful Fool


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Well, CIA has a long track record of getting rid of unwanted leaders in other countries so maybe Trump should hope he doesn’t win the election…


Donald heard The Palladium when they told him they were going to give him polonium.

Honest mistake.


Which Russian interests? I keep being told that Putin has a Dark Plan but I can’t figure out what it is. Orbital Death Ray? Doomfort? Forcing everyone to go shirtless all the time?


Trump “useful”? Nope. Trump a “fool”? Yep.


“tool” and “stool” also work.


Ya , he might even convince Mr. Trump of the futility of all these wars our “regular” politicians find so necessary


At least WaPo is finally getting on this. The NYT has been very weird about the whole thing.


The same thing the US and china have been doing for decades: using “investment” as a kind of venom; that is to say, weakening the cultural and economic power of his rivals via manipulation of development, media and lobbyist purchased laws.


It’s all easy to ignore unless you’re living in countries like Latvia, Iran or Georgia.


An internationally isolated America deeply divided under an incompetent president. What’s not to love if you are Russia?


Recreating the Soviet Union starting with Ukraine, followed by the Baltic States once NATO is dissolved.


Not sure why Hayden had to go to the Russian for his citation.

Useful idiot and fellow traveler have been standard terms of art from the Cold War.


The operative phrase.

Gosh, I wonder what Trump’s opinion on NATO is.


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Дурако́в не се́ют, не жнут, са́ми родя́тся.



“No shit, Sherlock.”

Reengaged acronym.


Existential fear is just that: needless fear. spaeseeba (poor phonetics): Thank you.

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