Former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar stabbed multiple times in prison

The carceral system is inhumane and ineffective, in part because of a perverse conservative preoccupation with punishment over prevention or remediation. That said, I’d say if there’s ever a case where incarceration is necessary to prevent further harm, it’s in the case of a remorseless serial predator like Nasser.

People are safer when he is contained. But no one is safer when he’s assaulted this way, and, in fact, his assault is evidence that our system doesn’t keep people safe, including folks more vulnerable and less guilty than Nassar who are caught in that system.



“He is lucky to be alive, and the only reason he is alive, in my opinion, is because of the staff members who were there,” Rojas said Monday.


It took four other inmates to pull McMillan off Nassar, the source added.

Seems like the staff played no part in saving Nassar.


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