Boulder rapist James Wilkerson gets off with no prison time


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Boulder rapist James Wilkerson gets off with no prison time
I don't see what the big deal is. Frankly, I'm a skeptical that you even can rape a boulder.


[quote]“I don’t know that there is any great result for anybody,” [Judge] Butler said. “Mr. Wilkerson deserves to be punished, but I think we all need to find out whether he truly can or cannot be rehabilitated.”

I look forward to hearing about your leniency for those charged with victimless crimes in the wake of this personal revelation.

Also: fuck. you.


Something that surprises no one:


“I’m sorry I have perpetrated the cycle of sexual assault on college campus,” Wilkerson said.

This one of those things that sounds like an apology at first glace, but actually is just saying “don’t blame me, I’m a product of the cycle.”

Edit: also, what the hell is “the cycle of sexual assault” supposed to mean anyway??? That would normally sound like the kind of “cycle” where victims turn into abusers. In this case, the abuse goes only in one direction.

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So fix the damn prison system.

Make it known that you will not send anyone to prison until the prison rape problem is fixed, because doing otherwise will amount to cruel and unusual punishment.

But don’t let white, college-bound rapists off the hook unless you’re willing to let everyone off the hook.


And so the judge thought someone whose behavior was “entitled” deserved special treatment.

I’m trying really hard to understand the reasoning there, but maybe I’m just not being cynical enough.


This…is what was on my mind after I posted my comment above. Is it not feasible to give him a prison sentence but postpone it until his safety can be assured?


I suspect the judge has a similar event in his past.




Evidently not. I wonder how much of this light-appearing sentencing is connected to the mandatory sentencing in CO? For example, if the judge had an option of giving 2 years in prison and 20 years of probation he gave, instead of 2 years in jail and 20 years of probation, might he have given that instead?


Maybe a deep, dark tan would help him fit into the prison system better?


Can that boulder consent?

If you ask that large rock if it’d like a nice cup of tea, will it respond? No.

And if the boulder cannot respond if it wants a cup of tea,then you shouldn’t make it a cup of tea. Much less expect it to drink it.

Now if you can’t get a proper response from a boulder if it wantstea, how much less consent do you think that big ball of rock is going to give you to have carnal knowledge of it? Hmmm.


By calling his act part of “the cycle” it removes his decision from being some thing he did and places the blame on “the Cycle”



I like to makes jokes about a variety of topics but rape is not one of those topics.


Victims of sexual assault should be issued a sniper rifle with an unregistered rifling pattern, and trained in cover and concealment.

I’m not saying they should go and shoot the attackers*, but they should be trained to the point where they have the ability to do so and get away with it.

Then the attackers should be given that information and they can fucking live with knowing that at any moment someone can take every shred of personal agency and power from them.

/that could be a lie


I’m so glad you said it first. I’ve been debating whether to, for about ten minutes.


Just about boulders, or all geologic materials?

You’ve got to get up pretty early in the afternoon to beat me to a bad idea.


One step forward, two steps back.

Or, as the old Russian saying goes, things are getting better. Yesterday was definitely better than tomorrow.

Actually, things ARE getting better, but when stuff like this happens it’s still depressing