Former LA Sheriff Villaneuva says sheriff gangs are simply subgroups

The subgroup excuse implies that even LAPD officers don’t want to be associated with LAPD as a whole. Probably true but not something to crow about.

I didn’t realize that Sheriff Villanueva had that attitude about these gangs. I’m utterly opposed to them for so many reasons but unfortunately it looks like LA can’t get rid of them.

Or ex-cops, once they get fired, or fired upon.


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That’s what he’s been notorious for in L.A., from the moment he took office. It’s also why he was voted out of office very quickly. That’s why anyone with actual knowledge of him laughed at your description of him as “very good”.

This is an on-going fight in L.A. Most people understand how thoroughly broken the LASD is, how big an embarrassment it is, and aren’t taking a defeatist attitude in spite of the stubbornness of the department “leadership” and the union.


You made one of the classic blunders, right after land wars in Asia and death & Sicilians, you forgot that ACAB. Police in the US are the biggest and most violent gang in the world. If you don’t hear of a cop being vilified by every other cop, then that cop is a gangbanger in good standing. Good cops get run out of the job, if not murdered by their fellows. They don’t retire with pensions.


Partly due to rich politicians’ apathy, and regular people with blasé attitudes about cops abusing their power, because it doesn’t negatively affect them directly.

Some folks never knew that, and still don’t want to know.


Happened recently to the son of an acquaintance. The last time I was told the son was completing training for membership in a well-known law enforcement agency and was excited to start serving. A year later, the son has already quit due to what he saw and heard going on amongst his new colleagues.

The LASD has an unusually toxic culture, but most police departments are infected with racism and corruption to one degree or another. Here’s a story I read just the other day about NYPD “get out of jail” cards and what happened to a cop who didn’t play along:



… this is the Sheriff’s Department, it’s about the same size as the Police Department but patrols more than five times as much territory :military_helmet: :helicopter:


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