Former Oklahoma City police officer found guilty of serial rape of Black women

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On the other hand he is going to emerge into a very different world when he is released in 2278.


You know this is just the tip of the iceberg, too - both in this case and in general. Some number (most?) of his victims didn’t come forward, and the whole thing was kicked off by the “most credible” of his victims reporting it - one case that represented dozens of invisible victims. (And in the end, he still managed to get away with most of it.) Likewise this one serial rapist cop represents how many that are completely unknown? Surveys indicate that police are far, far more likely to commit domestic abuse than the average person (perhaps most police officers have done so), and the same is likely true of sexual assault as well. They know that it’s normally underreported and being a police officer and the victims criminals automatically gives the cops the benefit of the doubt in many people’s minds, not to mention the institutional protection they receive that means that victims, even if they do seek legal recourse, are unlikely to get it.


One bad apple.

Everybody that this fucker worked with needs to be looked at too. This shit doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


Yup. The good cops I know of always pay for it with their careers and usually more. Because they’re ethical enough to blow the whistle on their coworkers.


Hope he likes Tossed Salad’s…


I guess if I wanted to commit horrific crimes, I’d work hard to get that badge. What could be more useful?


There it is again… football and rape…


I haven’t read up on the details for the court case, and what evidence was able to be presented. Mainly because i would get upset reading the horrible things this guy did… but i’m surprised that he was found not guilty for quite a few of the charges. I wonder if it was because of lack of evidence or what the issue there was.


'm relieved this man was convicted and will very likely spend the rest of his life in prison. For the victims whose charges didn’t stick, I do hope they can take some comfort in knowing that he won’t be hurting any other women again.


I hope the visibility of this trial encourages other people who have been sexually assaulted by police to come forward. Odds are slim that this is an isolated case.


You’re right in noting that he will be a target in prison. He will be in danger if they place him in the general population. I think he’ll probably be placed in protective confinement, which is just another name for Solitary.

For what he’s done, he deserves every moment of his suffering in isolation.

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Sounds like most (all?) of the victims were criminals of various kinds, which would make the jury unsympathetic to them in some cases. I can imagine a lot of different scenarios where the poor/uneducated/criminal witness would fail to sway a juror who strictly obeyed the instructions to convict only in the case that they are certain beyond a reasonable doubt. Strictly speaking they can’t make him guilty of all charges just because it’s clear he was guilty of most. I have to imagine too, because I also don’t want to read the actual sickening accounts individually.

The case shows the power of access to sexual assault forensic exams (“rape kits”), and also the risks of permitting law enforcement to serve as gatekeepers to the exams.


This scum is pretty much the worst choice for protector of society.

When will police get 21st century hiring policies, and start to screen for monstrous psychopathic personalities?

I’m quite sure the police DOES already screen for monstrous psychopathic personalities, with all the bad apples in LEOs.


Maybe suspects, instead of criminals? They’re not just labels.


That would be my guess. There was enough evidence on the most serious charges that the jury could go with the legal distinction that not every single count of being forced to do something naked and/or sexual was proved “beyond a shadow of a doubt”.

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