Officer who forced dozens of anal cavity searches for fun gets only 2 years in prison




Maybe when he got access to a state-sponsored firearm that he could use as leverage to get access to a victim’s anus?


Rape is pleasurable to rapists not foremost because of its possible sexual gratification component but very much because of their enjoyment of the victim’s terror of being violated and utter powerlessness.
Me thinks.
Two years? It may have been worth it to him then.


I’m not impressed with the Police state USA website.


Is he open to civil lawsuits from the victims or does ‘police duty’ make him immune?


You hit the target dead-on, Ipo!

I wonder how many criminal sociopaths out there are currently infesting our police departments?


Everyone’s name gets made fun of in childhood, but I’m guessing that never stopped with Officer Vag.


Insinuations/jokes about prison rape are not okay, even with this guy.


Is he now a registered sex offender, or is his job going to be waiting for him when he gets out?

Or both.


As many as there are infestations of police departments, I’d wager.


Forced anal cavity searches are the new black.


TFA says they dropped the sex charges, so he won’t have to register. He won’t get his job or pension back though.


I’ve got a new use in mind for that cheese-brine slurry…



I wonder why people like this don’t get murdered by vigilantes or victims.


Well, now that is a shame. Two years of having the shit kicked out of him on a daily basis and maybe a shiving or ten would probably bring the length of the sentence into proportion with the crime.


I do therapy with people who have been paroled from state or federal prisons. While Prison rape does still occur it seems to be more like some kind of tragic wishful thinking in the public mind. This guy is a sex offender and should be treated as such. He needs long term treatment and public registration as a sex offender would seem appropriate. With creeps like this hiding behind a badge there is no way cops can get respect or acceptance by the public. Where are all the police organizations or unions? Why aren’t they decrying this guys behavior? Run from the criminals and run from the cops…where the hell is anyone really safe anymore?


nowhere did i mention prison rape.

being an ex-cop in prison is more than enough without rape.


2 x 365 = 730 potential anal cavity searches for whatever random reasons his jailers contrive.

What’s good for the gooser…


You mean prison rape isn’t common?

I can’t speak for the public… but I find the prospect terrifying and can’t see how it would be wishful thinking.

You mean like… “Oh goodie so glad prisoners get raped and traumatized as well as locked up, cut off from the community, fed garbage, and forever marked as criminals, making them a permanent non voting underclass that can only get the worst jobs, and only live in the worst places till they die…because justice?”