Officer who forced dozens of anal cavity searches for fun gets only 2 years in prison


Maybe this is why people join gangs?


Only a very few of the scores of men I work with have said they were sexually assaulted. Most of them are in therapy with me for at least two years. We cover a lot of ground in that time and a lot of painful truth comes out. If it happened they would talk about it.
Yeah sadly some people would like to think that the added violence of prison rape would be a fitting piece of justice. There is no way I’m defending the action of the guys I work with. Many of them greatly harmed their victims and left life time scars. Yet even when I work with the victims they do not wish rape on their offenders.

It’s such a strange world at times…



You have to be a sex offender to be a cop. It’s a requirement.


Hoping that the person responsible for these crimes suffers abuse in prison is vengeance rather than justice. Two years is probably too short a sentence.

What changes in policy are Milwaukee police enacting to prevent this type of abuse ever happening in future? How about - every use of a cavity search by police is automatically referred to a complaints authority or the Internal Affairs?

That would dissuade police from making unnecessary searches, if only because it would take up their time filling in paperwork and attending hearings to defend their actions - people making many cavity searchers would rapidly be identified - but a cavity search would still be an option for use when justified.


Hey, he got jail, at all, I’m glad of that, yes, he should have ended up a registered sex offender, and done more time, but just getting a felony conviction and loosing everything should serve to encourage better behavior from his peers.


Hell, if you’re in the private sector you can get away with much worse:


Maybe, you should ask someone who’s spent time in prison. As I understand it from former prisoners, it certainly happens. Use the common slang ‘punk’ around any of them (if you dare). It has a specific meaning to them for specific reasons - and that’s not from tv or the movies. And, no matter what they may have done that landed them in prison, prisoners do not take kindly to rapists and child molesters - they have mothers and sisters and sometimes wives and daughters, too. And worse yet - cannot protect their own directly while incarcerated. They will likely deliver their own retribution one way or another, no matter what anyone here thinks one way or the other.


Minors that are under the age of consent that have sex with each other end up as registered sex offenders. This guy explored the bottoms of everyone he could without their consent and won’t end up as a registered sex offender, though he clearly is one. Does that seem right?


The question is also intriguing when reversed - I wonder how many police departments are infested by criminal sociopaths. I’d venture to guess that number is 100%. I’m not saying all cops fit into that category *, but except for small departments like that in Mayberry, RFD… I’m pretty confident.

* Societal/emotional traits don’t really seem to have clear-cut dividing lines, so every cop, like every human, has at least a little dysfunction.


Brown, not black. Small detail…


Well that’s something at least.

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It’s not funny or clever to demand or insinuate that someone should get raped in prison as a form of extrajudicial justice. Just cut it out.