Former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel dead at 91

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Thank you, Rob. Let’s have more stories like this, & more people like him, please.


He hitched his campaign to an effort that would give all policy decisions to the people through a direct vote, including health care reform and declarations of war.

Obviously, he’s a good guy, but this would be a terrible idea in practice.

The filibuster used for good not evil. GOOD!


Gravel was a true visionary. He gets remembered for reading the Pentagon Papers into the record, and beyond the sheer courage and righteousness involved in that - one fascinating point is the less well known manner in which this action was ultimately found to be a conversion process for top-secret materials to reach the public in a legal manner. Gravel v. United States - Wikipedia
I’ve wondered if this would work for large amounts of data outputted through an acoustic coupler pressed against the vocal cords of a Senator in session.

Also saw this memoir that appeared today from the ADN -

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