Former ukip candidate is a bigot shock

I think she is standing for the English Democrats here in East Oxford in next years general election.

I do like how she plans to invest hundreds of billions of pounds into the NHS budget for mental health treatment, but I think that sectioning LGBT people is not a good use of the money.

Well, I wouldn’t go as far as calling her grotesque, but retired boxing promoter, failed UKIP candidate, racist and homophobe Kellie Maloney isn’t exactly the nicest specimen of humanity on this planet.

Not sure how she could be considered a plague either, but I don’t understand the logic of bigotry.

There are two of them! It’s an epidemic! At this rate ukip will have forced SRS for everyone in their manifesto by 2020!

Seriously though, Nikki Sinclaire isn’t that great either, but gender identity is not one of their faults.

I really need a good way to discourage canvassers at the election, having Dr Gasper on doorstep is not something I look forward to (It may also be PTSD inducing, because of things that happened to me in the past.)

Interesting. Seems so unlikely for a party down at the more polarizing/marginalizing end of politics. Still, besides the point for the most part.

Hmm. Tricky. There are hot-button issues that I get really completely unreasonable about, which makes if difficult to maintain the level of detachment needed to properly fuck with political canvassers. A large anarchist flag and a Free Nelson Mandela sign on the front door was my go-to back in the day. Would still work now, but with a much more surreal note to it.

How about playing “Wait-a-mo”? Keep a notebook and stopwatch by the door, when one knocks, say “Wait a mo” and start timing how long it takes before they leave. Keep a league-table posted online to see who wants your vote the most. :smiley:

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