Fortnite champions don't even like the game anymore

Not very well these days as I am way way out of practice. But yes I can still do a few tricks passably as the muscle memory is still there.


Agree. After photographing a wedding, the last thing i want to do is spend 8 hours photoshopping the same acne and same yellow teeth over and over and over and…

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Fortnite champions don’t even like the game anymore

Finally. Something I beat them at doing.


When I was laid off from my design job in 2008, and then again in 2012 after being rehired, I tried to make a go of freelancing.

As adequate as my design skills are, I learned that I’m a horrible businessman.

I just hate having to deal with the capitalist side of things. It sucks every drop of fun from anything I try to do.

I’ll never be rich, so now I’m aiming for content.


I’ve been freelancing for 10 years or so, and doing it pretty steadily, but I’m also fully aware that I’m not doing any of the things I’m supposed to be doing (growing my business, marketing myself, using interns or other freelancers to help during my business times, keeping detailed financial records, etc etc). I’m a decent designer but an absolutely lousy businessman with no desire to be a good one. I guess I could be a much more successful person than I am, but aiming for content is more my idea of a good time, as well.


That’s a really important point that I think largely gets overlooked when talking about turning something you love into a job. The focus is usually put on the things that add drudgery and take the fun away in the process of turning a hobby into a job, but it’s deeper than that - there are (or can be) fundamentally different things that make a leisure activity and a job enjoyable. So you can end up losing the fun bits of the hobby while also not gaining the enjoyable bits that can be had at a job.

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I’ve got a Mr. Twain on the line; he’s wondering if you can whitewash the walls of your forts in Fortnite…

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