Fortnite adds "the Baller" and shenanigans commence


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Reminds me of the Scavenger vehicle from Unreal Tournament 3:

The Baller is cooler, though, with that flying-towline trick.


“I am not a number; I am a free-floating marshmallow!”


I haven’t invested in video games since the N64, but I must say, Fortnite looks downright pleasant. Especially for a FPS game. It’s like the Mario Kart of shooters. I see why a wide swath of people are able to hang out and play in that space for extended periods of time.


While the video may be delightful to some, I don’t believe it’s universally delightful. Full of lots of yelling, swearing, misplaced aggression (even if intended for comedic effect), and assertions that the narrator’s opinions are objective truths. This style of video is why I can’t get into video games or “gamer culture”.

Perhaps if it was described differently, I wouldn’t have gotten my expectations up?


Big deal, I had one of these in Minecraft ages ago, only it was a cube and I couldn’t make it go.


Needz MOAW Redstone!

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