Fortnite contributes to UK divorce rate


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I recall hearing similar things for EQ and then WoW.


Yes, exactly. Some of it is an issue with game addiction. Some of it is just icing on a relationship that wasn’t working.

Oooo - hope you wife doesn’t read BB.

Hey, hey, have you seen the new Star Wars Resistance trailers?


Mr. Bells’ previous marriage fell apart over her 18-hour-a-day Everquest habit, in part.


Wow, that is a lot of EQ.

James from Extra Credits on youtube fell prey to this and he did a very raw video about his experience.

Posted for others to perhaps learn.


And Football Manager


I think Fortnite is more symptom than cause here.


How many people on their deathbed regret not playing more video games? SMH


I was kind of wondering how many of those marriages would have ended anyway? My guess is, all of them.

Also, Rock-n-Roll is poisoning our youth.


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