Fortnite's 'More Cowbell' tribute

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Original air date: April 8, 2000

Is this a way to point a younger generation to the jokes of old? Do they have a “Silly Walk”?


Llama bell?


Yes, they do have a Ministry of Silly Walks walk.

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Fever… a distant memory.

my 11 year-old star player doesn’t get the joke.

Easy fix. Show them the skit

I finally downloaded it for my phone and I SUUUUUUCCCKKKK. How long before I git gud?

In contrast, I do decently well in PUBG, but it involves a lot more stealth in general.

I never really noticed the cowbell in that song until the damned SNL skit, now that’s all I hear. Thanks for ruining my ninth favorite song from adolescence, NBC.

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I tried it on pc for a solid day and didn’t care for it. I like watching videos on it but gameplay-wise it’s not my jam

I think on a computer I would do better with aiming. Also one thing the phone Fortnight lacks is ability to aim by phone tilt.

Maybe I am just into PUBG mode and it really isn’t the same style of game.

There is aim by switch tilt, maybe IOS is coming soon. IOS has some aiming assistance I do not understand. My daughter is a killer with it. I prefer Xbox but would like to try PC.

Well Im on my android phone right now. I’ll go see if there is a tilt aim option, but I didn’t see it the first time

All my friends know the low rider.

How is dancing part of the game? Do you use them as taunts? I’m old and out of touch.

Gold-plated diamonds!

You use dances to taunt or celebrate an elim. There is a wide range of dances for many occasions and talented users have great control over the emote wheel.

Its mostly a feature common in other game genres, MMOs usually. Though Team Fortress 2 and a few older FPS and 3rd person shooters eventually started adding character actions or taunts, so Fortnite is far from new to the party but they’re the one with the widest audience in recent memory. But yeah they’re supposed to be used as taunts but honestly players use them when messing around. Usually taunting in the middle of fighting gets you killed pretty quickly, at least in the games i play (TF2 and Overwatch). Usually you’re better off in those games using voice lines to taunt the other player, something Fortnite doesn’t have implemented as their characters are seemingly silent.

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